I should probably also mention that an interesting piece of the Ryl story (The Stones Will Tell) is that the wizards have absolutely no clue about who this next hero is going to be. I mentioned that they had a strong believe that the clue would be revealed in the stones present in the forehead and sternum of every living person, but they are uncertain what precisely they should be looking for.

And they certainly don’t know who they are looking for either. From their many trips into the “ethernet” they have found the clues about this person but nothing definite. Not only do they know nothing about who the hero is, they are certain that the hero does not even know who he is either.

From their future searches, the wizards know the date for the revelation of the hero but that day comes and goes without any revelation ion the matter. The wizards are still in the dark.

In the story, we follow the separate adventures of several young people who were born on the correct day the prophecies name as the birth-date of the hero. The wizards and their support groups try and “train” these youths… primarily to keep tabs on them to see if the hero will somehow reveal himself. But it does the wizards little good.

(Spoiler alert)

If you have not read the story yet, I certainly hope this does not spoil the story for you if I say that the hero is to be found among the handful of youths being followed.

Even with that clue, you might be hard-pressed to discern the right one from the plethora of choices. And I hope you will try and guess before the end of the book.

Who knows? Your insight might be better than that of the wizards. I believe I have sprinkled enough clues through the story to see what’s going on.

And though I have not completed either of the prequel volumes, they are not shaping up to have as full a landscape of intrigue as the final volume, but they will still be based on politics as that is the focus of the series.

I hope you enjoy the other volumes as well.