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More Fantasy Stamps


I mentioned the stamps I have created for a fantasy land called “Phinq” but I have made stamps for another fantasyland as well.

One called “Xanth”.

No, I did not create that place, it was created by author Piers Anthony and has covered thirty-five volumes of funny, punny tales.

I read his stuff (not just the Xanth volumes) since my youth and ate up each Xanth novel as they appeared. I loved the characters and the puns as well as the writing.

Anyway, while I was creating my Phinq stamps, I thought I would design a few for Xanth as well. I printed up several sheets of the things and sent them as a gift to Piers.

He was tickled by them. So much so that he ordered a bunch more so he could sell them at his Xanth store run by his daughter, Penny. He even suggested two additional designs in the series.

After that, I was communicating with Penny for a couple years until the need for more stamps diminished.

I did not add more to the original eight issued and stopped printing them when the demand declined.

I was saddened to hear in 2009 that Penny had passed away after an operation on a cerebral melanoma.

My condolences went to Piers.

No parent should have to bury a child, of any age. It seems to go against the natural order.


Phantasy phor Phun


Although it seems to be completely out of style these days, I am a stamp collector.

But then, when I started, it was more popular… but let’s not get too specific about decades, okay? Let’s just say it was long, long ago in a universe far, far away.

So I collected stamps. Big deal, huh? Except that I found out about a wonderful area to collect called “fantasies”.

No, not stamps dealing with magical creatures or characters from famous films or comics, but postage stamps that were issued by places that don’t exist! At least not legally.

After finding out about this phascinating subject, I decided to start my own phantasy nation and, with the assistance of my brother, we created the nation of Phinq.

And the moment the preliminaries were made “official” we began issuing stamps.

Now, there is nothing too unusual about this process, as there are probably thousands of philatelists (stamp collectors) who have gone the same route and produced their own addition to the genre.

The one unusual feature about the Phinq stamps is that I am still issuing them.

Not too impressive if I had started the practice a couple of years ago but my brother and I are grandparents!

The first Phinq stamp was issued April 1st, forty-six years ago, and the latest was issued last month.

A few years ago I tried to get the mess organized – yes, I still have a bunch of stamps of practically every issue… seems I always printed more than I actually used. And with the death of the snail mail in recent years, the usage has diminished even further. (Of course, today I issue fewer of every stamp than I used to.)

So, writing fantasy is not the only aspect of my life hooked by the genre. Yes, I live and stamp in fantasy as well.