I mentioned the stamps I have created for a fantasy land called “Phinq” but I have made stamps for another fantasyland as well.

One called “Xanth”.

No, I did not create that place, it was created by author Piers Anthony and has covered thirty-five volumes of funny, punny tales.

I read his stuff (not just the Xanth volumes) since my youth and ate up each Xanth novel as they appeared. I loved the characters and the puns as well as the writing.

Anyway, while I was creating my Phinq stamps, I thought I would design a few for Xanth as well. I printed up several sheets of the things and sent them as a gift to Piers.

He was tickled by them. So much so that he ordered a bunch more so he could sell them at his Xanth store run by his daughter, Penny. He even suggested two additional designs in the series.

After that, I was communicating with Penny for a couple years until the need for more stamps diminished.

I did not add more to the original eight issued and stopped printing them when the demand declined.

I was saddened to hear in 2009 that Penny had passed away after an operation on a cerebral melanoma.

My condolences went to Piers.

No parent should have to bury a child, of any age. It seems to go against the natural order.