You would think this sort of thing would be a “no-brainer”… a writer, writing a blog!!

Yes, I have actually published two volumes and have three more in the pipeline for publication so, yes, I am a writer but I did not really want to set out writing a blog… another novel or novella, yes, but a blog?

Okay, I understand the marketing strategy and keeping in touch with the public. Believe me, if it were not for all the readers out there beyond the confines of my small writer’s den, I would not find an outlet for my addiction: writing.

And the majority of my projects have been outlined to run for several thousand words, not the couple of hundred required for these postings. How do you wrap your mind around something so… so… I don’t know, tiny, perhaps.

If I tweeted, I might think the unbounded spaces within a blog would be real freedom, no need to restrict the number of characters spaces, no need to shorten the links to “bitlys” or such. But I do not even write short stories!

Yes, I am being obtuse. I really have no problem with blogging and have written short subjects before (I believe they call them “emails”) and I will be more than happy to discuss any points of the books I have published to date: The Stones Will Tell and Beamish Boys, should anyone have questions, comments, or even some complaints about the books.

And I will announce any new volumes coming out (as soon as my publisher lets me know the “whens”).

If you have not heard of either of my previously published novels, they can be found on Amazon (for kindle as well as paperback), Barnes and Noble (for Nook), Smashwords (for any digital version), and at Lulu for the hardback edition.

And, of course, all these links can be found on the Martian Publishing website as well.

And that’s it for the first post.

Perhaps I will think of something interesting for the next one.